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Anamehani.com | Guarantee



Please read the following to avoid any misunderstanding

The company of Anamehani.com is not responsible of any mistake, failure, defect, or delay if the professional person was chosen and communicated directly by the customer. The company also disclaims from any guarantees related to:

  • The amounts of work or other financial things
  • The availability, accuracy, and usefulness of the displayed data
  • The names and addresses of professionals and others
    • However, the company provides a guarantee to recover the value of demand (after checking the damage) in case the service is requested directly via contact.

      Requested directly via contact:

      Before requesting the service from the company, please follow the conditions:

      • Giving the name and address of the employer who requests the Professional or specialist.
      • Pay special fees 3000 YR to determine the problem. The fee should be in advance when the specialist is sent by company.
      • All the calls are registered in order to preserve the rights of both parties and improve the service in the future.


      In case there is a problem occurred between the licensed professional person and customer such as, cancel request, personal infringement, use of the name Anamehani.com company, or anything else and proved that the customer is the responsible so he provides a financial compensation for the company that equals to the problem.

      In receiving any complaints from the customers about the professionals who have been requested through the site, the company will check the problem and manage it to ensure the rights of both parties.

      Evacuation responsibility:

      Anamehani.com site links between the professionals and employers, so it is not responsible of any person (user, a professional, a service provider) use the name of the company or offer any service or product taking advantage of Anamehani.com site. Furthermore, any information or data added by professionals and service providers are belonging to them not to the company.